Tai Bianco
Parcel #368
This white wine is obtained from a selection of the native Tai (Tocai) grapes grown on Parcel 368 in our vineyards in the Carboncine – Roncade area (1 ha). The clay-rich soil helps to imbue this wine with a wealth of aromatics. Late harvesting enables excellent maturation. Fermented at 18°C and left to rest on […]
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Parcel #80
Merlot, formerly present in Veneto at the end of the 19th century, is considered one of the most representative red wines of the Veneto wine culture. Santomè aimed to create a full-bodied and thick red wine in honor of the Veneto traditions and to re-evaluate this wine – Merlot, so underestimated in the last few […]
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