As a deliberate policy that has been in place since we were first established, here at the Santomè winery we have never taken part in competitions nor appeared in wine guides or magazines.

We want our customers to be free of the sort of preconceptions that are the inevitable result of magazine reviews; we prefer our customers to react intuitively to our wines, based on their emotional responses and personal tastes.

We are aware that this decision may seem to go against the grain, since advertising is the “lifeblood of commerce”, but we go to great lengths to put our customers at the heart of what we do. Our take on it is that each customer has their own feelings and convictions, and is best placed to judge whether or not they may like or dislike a particular wine.

We hope that wine lovers will get “up-close and personal” with our products and that they will appreciate the effort and commitment that we put in, day in, day out, to make the most of the fruits that the land keeps on giving us, year after year.

We would like to conclude this little introduction with our motto:

“It is not the name that makes the product, but the product that makes the name”

Alan & William