By combining different grapes and using innovative winemaking techniques, Santomè has created some truly unique wines.

To reinforce this typicality, the wines are named after the members of Alan and William’s family.


Moro ’41

“Moro ’41” is a blend of Merlot and Raboso Piave.

The name is an homage to Armando Spinazzè, known to everyone as Moro(dark) due to his skin tone. He is renowned for his congeniality, and always has a joke at the ready. He gets on very well with everyone.

’41 ” is a reference to the year of his birth: he is part of that group of entrepreneurs who revitalised the north-east of Italy, re-igniting the part of the world that once included the so-called “Most Serene Republic of Venice” and is also home to Palladio’s endlessly imitated villas.

His two sons Alan and William wanted to dedicate this wine to him in recognition of his tireless support and faith in bringing to life the great Santomè company.


Anna 6

“Anna 6” is a blend of Chardonnay and Riesling. The name is an homage to Anna, Alan and William’s mother.
The “6” could be taken as referring, rather ambiguously, to the year of her birth – something that no woman over a certain age ever likes to reveal!

In truth, it means “ci sei” (i.e. “you’re there”, but pronounced in the same way as the number six in Italian), because a mother’s love is constant, even when it wants to stay hidden.

“Moro ’41”, dedicated to their father, simply had to be complemented by “Anna 6”. In addition to offering up a complex palate, it also embodies something of the love of two sons for their mother.



After “Moro ‘41” and “Anna 6” there came “Santhomas”, a spumante rosé produced from Pinot Nero and Pinot Grigio grapes, dedicated to Tommaso, Alan and Silvia’s first child, the beloved grandson/nephew of his grandparents and aunts and uncles.

This – the company’s latest wine – is, accordingly, a young rosé.

Rosé… Rosy like the multitude of roses that face the rows of vineyards.

Rosé… Rosy like the cheeks of the newborn… And like the future of a company that is already well-established and now, with this new “bud”, is laying the groundwork for many more years of success.



Spumante rosso based on Raboso Piave. The Santomè saga continues. After Tommaso (Santhomas) there came his brother Riccardo (Sanrichard), the red spumante with a heart of Raboso.

This is a new “piece” in the Santomè mosaic: the family is getting bigger, reaching its steady state. From our first, tentative steps, we have arrived at confident leaps, from the first wails to a decisive roar – albeit one that leaves a sweet taste in the mouth…



Rosso Igt Marca Trevigiana
13% vol. Alc.
Bianco Igt Marca Trevigiana
11,50% vol. Alc.
Cuvée Rosé Brut Nature
12,00% vol. Alc.
Spumante Rosso Dry
12% vol. Alc.