Cuor di Raboso

A sparkling red wine with the bold, native spirit of Raboso Piave.
The inspirational saga of Santomè continues.

First came Tommaso (Santhomas) now comes brother Riccardo (Sanrichard); red, sparkling and vivacious, brandishing forth the ardent heart of Raboso.
A new and quintessential “tile” in the Santome wine mosaic is added: enhancing the family’s stature, displaying the estate’s fullness of choices.

From its first tentative steps, Santomè has since courageously leapt forward; the utterances of its infancy now matured into a lion’s full-fledged roar
A roar however, that leaves a seductively delightful taste in the mouth…


  • Alcohol level: 12%
  • Grapes: Raboso Piave
  • Sugar residue: 28 g/l
  • Winemaking: Charmat Method (sparkling process takes place in pressurized stainless steel tank called Autoclave and aged six months on the lees)

Winemaker's note: a sparkling red wine optimal for all occasions. Its pleasantness to the palate is enhanced by its intriguing acidity typical of Raboso grape. Captivating...sure to seduce you