It all began back in 1971, when grandpa Antonio (aka “Toni”), an expert winegrower who started out as a farmer, purchased 4 hectares in Vazzola, supplying the grapes grown there to the Cantina Sociale di Valdobbiadene.

In the 1980s, our dad Armando bought 28 hectares on the island of Papadopoli, in the process becoming the single largest supplier to the Cantina Sociale di Valdobbiadene (Valdobbiadene Co-operative Winery), with 5,000 quintals of grapes delivered every year.

In 1995, Armando’s son Alan qualified as an oenologist (from the “C.B. Cerletti” Wine School in Conegliano) and the family then decided to start making its own wine directly. In 1999, 30 hectares were acquired in Roncade, where the two brothers Alan and William decided to build the beautiful Santomè winery – a project that was at last completed in 2016 with the opening of the new retail outlet and tasting/conference room.

Subsequently, 3 hectares were purchased in Susegana, in the heart of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG zone, and in 2018 the company bought another 10 hectares in the municipality of Roncade, making a total of 75 hectares under vine.

May 11, 2016, end of Santomè project

The Spinazzè Family

The ongoing support of Armando Spinazzè (known as Moro) has been a fundamental element in the implementation of the Santomè project.

In 2010, Armando Spinazzè was awarded the title of Cavaliere della Repubblica (Knight of the Italian Republic).

William Spinazzè

Sales Manager

Alan Spinazzè


Alan and William…the origin of their (not very Italian!) names

Armando Spinazzè, a huge fan of Westerns, decided to name his two sons after two of his favourite American actors, Alan Ladd and William Holden.