Tai Bianco
Parcel #368

This white wine is obtained from a selection of the native Tai (Tocai) grapes grown on Parcel 368 in our vineyards in the Carboncine – Roncade area (1 ha). The clay-rich soil helps to imbue this wine with a wealth of aromatics.

Late harvesting enables excellent maturation. Fermented at 18°C and left to rest on its yeasts for 68 months (from 48 to 72 months, each vintage has a different length of fermentation ageing) – this unique technique makes it possible to achieve a well-structured, fresh white wine that offers up a bouquet of aromas and unmistakable sensations. Only produced in the best years.


  • Alcohol level: 14%
  • Grapes: Tai (Tocai) – Parcel #368
  • Winemaking: aged 68 months on the lees (in stainless steel tanks)

Winemaker's note: the lengthy fermentation in lees is our endeavour to bring out the mineral notes, ripe fruit and almond typical of this ancient native grape. Full bodied and of a long duration.