“Rabbioso” is a raisin dessert wine made from 100% Raboso Piave grapes of different vintages (2006-2007 -2008). Harvest time for this native varietal grape varies from mid October to mid November depending on weather conditions. Grapes on the vine are carefully selected, hand-harvested in cassettes of 4-5 Kg capacityand then placed in a suitable environment […]
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Parcel #912
This red wine is obtained from a selection of the native Raboso Piave grapes grown on Parcel #912 in our vineyards in the Carboncine – Roncade area. Long maceration, ageing in chestnut and “Allier” oak for 48 months. Some bunches are withered in the grape-drying loft for 3 months and skilfully added to the blend. […]
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Moro ’41
Merlot – Raboso
“Moro ’41” is a blend of Merlot and Raboso Piave wine. You can taste its freshness and pleasant acidity, and appreciate its fruity bouquet, which come from Raboso, a native vine variety of the Treviso area, vinified as an innovative and young wine. Its name is intended as a tribute to Mr. Armando Spinazzè, known […]
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Parcel #80
Merlot, formerly present in Veneto at the end of the 19th century, is considered one of the most representative red wines of the Veneto wine culture. Santomè aimed to create a full-bodied and thick red wine in honor of the Veneto traditions and to re-evaluate this wine – Merlot, so underestimated in the last few […]
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