Native grape types are those that are cultivated exclusively within their zone of origin. The typicality of the wines produced derives, therefore, from the type of soil and climatic conditions that characterise their provenance.

These factors generate the specific organoleptic features that make native wines unique and unmistakable. As such, they are wines that are bound to specific areas, which are never very geographically extensive.

Italy can boast more than 600 native grape types, of which more than 50 are found in the Veneto region. These include well-known names such as Glera (used to make Prosecco), Corvina Veronese and Rondinella (which are used to make Amarone),  and those that are more “niche” in their appeal, such as Raboso, Tai Bianco, Incrocio Manzoni and Verduzzo.


Here at Santomè, we put a great deal of effort into the production of two wines with which the province of Treviso has long been associated: Tai Bianco (aka Tocai) and Raboso Piave. Due to the particular features of the maturation process of the grapes and the specific vinification techniques deployed, the two wines are only made in the best years.

Igt Marca Trevigiana
14% vol. Alc.
Doc Piave
14.50% vol. Alc.