Tai Bianco
Parcel #368
This white wine is obtained from a selection of the native Tai (Tocai) grapes grown on Parcel 368 in our vineyards in the Carboncine – Roncade area (1 ha). The clay-rich soil helps to imbue this wine with a wealth of aromatics. Late harvesting enables excellent maturation. Fermented at 18°C and left to rest on […]
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Anna 6
Chardonnay – Riesling
“Anna 6” is a blend of Chardonnay and Riesling. Its name is a tribute to Anna, Alan and William’s mother. The “6” might perhaps imply the date that no women ever wants to reveal. It certainly means “you are here”, as maternal love is always present, even when it remains hidden. Alongside “Moro ’41”, dedicated […]
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Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigio produced in a soil rich in clay and minerals of the Dolomites which helps give a pleasant structure and expression of the Venetian territory. The bouquet, rich in exotic scents, ranges from a mango to a pineapple going back to papaya pulpy fruit. White flowers are also a reminder of orange flowers and […]
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