“Rabbioso” is a raisin dessert wine made from 100% Raboso Piave grapes of different vintages (2006-2007 -2008). Harvest time for this native varietal grape varies from mid October to mid November depending on weather conditions.

Grapes on the vine are carefully selected, hand-harvested in cassettes of 4-5 Kg capacityand then placed in a suitable environment to wither on racks. Then, in the early months of the year following the harvest, the grapes are de-stalked, pressed and macerated for 15-20 days, with a yield in wine that varies from 20% to 30 %.

After this process, the wine is aged in fine-grained, medium-toasted tonneaux of French oak, right up to the final blending of the different vintages, before being bottled.

Our passito making method shares similarities with the famous “Soleras System” (such as Marsala, Jerez, Madeira, Porto) exemplified in the manner by which the wines are blended according to different vintage years and the length of time the wine is aged, so as to enrich and intensify the entire bouquet of olfactory and gustatory sensations.

This Rabbioso was bottled in the month of November 2011.


  • Alcohol level: 15%
  • Grapes: Raboso Piave
  • Sugar residue: 80 g/l.
  • Vintage: 2006-2007-2008
  • Winemaking: 100 % from «Appassimento» method, aged and blended in the “Soleras style”

Winemaker's note: The rustic Raboso in its “dessert wine” form: acidity and sweetness in perfect balance. Warm, soft, enthrallingly sensual. Pure pleasure at its highest.