Green energy

Photovoltaic Installation
As of October 2010, the sun is our only source of energy.
Our undertaking helps to reduce the emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere

200 Kw

Cruises on sailing ships: the stuff dreams are made of!

Since 2004 Tenuta Santomè regularly provides the entire Star Clippers’ fleet and accompanies the superb cuisine on board.

Mikael Krafft, the Swedish ship owner, began the adventure in 1986 by commissioning the construction of the two twin sailing ships: Star Clipper and Star Flyer.

In 2000 the fleet was enlarged by the elegant Royal Clipper. This union between regality and agility has broken the Guinnes World Record.
The Royal Clipper is the largest true fully rigged sailing ship in the world, and no wonder it is such an impressive spectacle to behold, with a length of 134 meters and 5 masts together supporting a total of 42 gleaming white sails. To put this in some sort of context, our own Amerigo Vespucci features 3 masts and extends to a “mere” 110 meters of length.

Man shall not live by emotion alone so… all aboard and enjoy our wines!

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