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Once again, the Veneto is proving itself to be the realm of modern entrepreneurs and innovators gifted with the kind of typical Northeast creativity that continues to bestow Italy with countless enterprises of excellence. Tenuta Santomè, founded by the Spinazzè family, bears out this inventive tendency and is recognized as a model of ingenuity in the region, thanks to its 60 hectares of modern, densely planted vineyards, its meticulous and strict selection of grapes and its use of innovative systems of winemaking.

"It's Time to Build", seems to be the motto of the Spinazzè family, and it is this inclination to evolve and revitalize that propelled it to put in place an 888 panel photovoltaic solar panel installation of 198.44kWp at the winery.

In a market inflated with options and offers, what drove the decision to choose ECA technology over others was the essential characteristic and commitment of Tenuta Santome' towards the pursuit of excellence. In this regard, ECA Technology has proven itself to be a technical partner more than adept to the task.

With a well-established and impressive record of experience in the installation of renewable energy technologies, ECA Technology knew how best to interpret and implement the requests and needs of its customer, Tenuta Santomè, by designing and installing a photovoltaic installation made up of high quality panels, model REC SOLAR, architecturally integrated onto the roof of the winery, blending the function of renewable energy production to the exciting aesthetic form of the splendid buildings that make up Tenuta Santomè. The installation, made up of 888 textured Polysilicon photovoltaic solar panels, entirely covers, and is fully integrated into, the new roof of the winery.

The Spinazzè family, given as it is to respecting nature's balance and rhythms, chose a technological application such as the photovoltaic system, because of its demonstrative respect for the environment, as well as its ability to offer considerable savings in energy costs: the solar panels allow solar energy to be directly transformed into clean electrical power.

Furthermore, the installation of this type of renewable energy technology holds out the possibility of the purchaser benefiting financially from the regulatory and financial incentives provided under the "Conto Energia" law administered and dispensed by the electric services provider, GSE (Gestore Servizi Elettrici).

This application promises to produce 6400 kWh of pollutant-free electricity, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions for the production of electricity. Considering that typically, Italian thermo-electrical production emissions amount to about 500 grams of CO2 for every kWh produced, one can make a rough estimate that the amount of emissions avoided by using this system could well be in the range of 98.2 t/year of CO2 (carbon dioxide), and up to 45.1 equivalent tons of petroleum per year, thus helping significantly reduce the greenhouse effect.

With this kind of evidentiary data on hand, one can attest to the impressive growth in the use of photovoltaic solar panels to produce clean energy, above all by businesses of our region that choose this path as an investment that is both ecologically sustainable and secure for the future.

The name, Santomè, brings to mind the memory of a curious apostle that wanted to see to believe. To those that may still be skeptical about this green technology, ECA Technology extends an invitation to come visit the winery and see this accomplishment first hand, while enjoying a glass of Tenuta Santomè's signature red wine, Raboso doc Piave.

Here is some data on the set up:

  • Potenza impianto: 198,44

  • 888 Polysilicon photovoltaic solar panels : 225 Wp ECHO Technology Mod. REC 225PE

  • 7 Inverter Fronius IG500 – IG400 – IGPLUS 120 – IGPLUS100

  • Expected annual total energy production: 196400 kWh

Click here to download the press release.

Solar panels
Solar panels
Solar panels
Solar panels
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